Second day rise before the sun

It went pretty well to get up from the bed today. But tomorrow I will set the clock at 4.45 because today I was not started with my training (20/20/20) until 20 over so I plan to change that until tomorrow. The feeling of fatigue during the day has not been as great as I thought today either. But the first 22 days should obviously be really hard so we will see how it feels tomorrow 🙂

Because I like to do yoga in the morning, this is what I did for just over 20 minutes. Yesterday vinyasa yoga and today more medical yoga with more stretching. Both variants are nice but the morning training is supposed to be more “sweaty” so tomorrow I will do power yoga I think. It is very interesting that my thoughts are so clear and focused early in the morning. Also this morning I got some new good ideas and felt I had the time to structure my day before the meeting day started. Really a nice feeling of control that lasted the rest of the day. I also like that you write down and reflect for the next 20 minutes. I bought a nice book in pink before I started this journey, and this will now be my daily journal. In this I write down what I feel, think, and want to achieve during the day. Also, thoughts about yesterday, what was good and what could be improved. The last 20 minutes are dedicated to personal development. Choose a podcast, a good book, a video course in a topic that interests you and in which you want to develop. For me, both yesterday and today I have been watching 5AM club videos, to teach me more and a bit like pepping to continue.

In the evening I have to admit that I was really tired both yesterday and today, so at 19.30-20 there were some big yawns from me while we watched some film the whole family. Now I have prepared with my training clothes and I am ready to turn off the light. Sleep well. I’ll write more again tomorrow!


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Positive yogawoman with an ambition to inspire head, heart and soul in my blog, by sharing my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Hope to be of help. Namaste.

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