Be kind

To be kind. When talking to people about being kind it is not always positive. As if you can be TOO kind and then it turns into something negative. But to me it really is only positive. Having a kind approach always helps no matter what. Being kind to other. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself. You cannot expect from others to be kind and treat you well if you are not kind yourself, right? Be kind to yourself. Do not forget, kindness is also taking care of yourself. Why do a lot of people have so much higher demands on themself than on others? Give yourself what you give to others! At least. Maybe you give yourself a small gift once and a while, to celebrate finishing a task at work, for doing yoga daily for a month or another setup target you have. Big or small. You decide! So keep being kind – that will make you and the people around you feel so much better. Namaste.

Published by Beayogawoman

Positive yogawoman with an ambition to inspire head, heart and soul in my blog, by sharing my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Hope to be of help. Namaste.

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