Be brave and change a habit

Photo cred today: Asad, Pexels

Being brave can be about so many different things. It can of course be facing your fear of hights and go for a bungy-jump or facing your fear of snakes by doing something to get rid of that fear. But in terms of personal development I think it is about making brave choices. Like making a change of habit to get a change in your life, or to follow your dreams and goals in life and not take the easy way but challenge yourself a bit (or a lot). Maybe it means changing your career path to something totally different, taking an education you have always dreamed of, leaving your safe job as a teacher to start your own business, or start to work with coaching instead of your work as an IT manager. Especially if you are a person that do not like changes, that feel comfortable when everything is at it always has been. Then embracing any change is a very brave thing to do!

And I really believe a change of habit is a brave thing to do, for anyone. And it is not easy. Facing your worries, facing your fears or starting to live your dreams takes some effort, a lot of will-power and comitment.

As an example, you know that I started the 66 day challenge of the 5 AM club (by Robin Sharma). Now it is day #47 and a lot of days/ mornings I have been struggling. Wondering WHY I am getting up at 5, when I could be in my bed sleeping instead… But keep getting up, keep doing the morning routine, using my “success hour”, it has started to give results. This weekend I really felt that there was a change. My body and mind WANTED me to go in with the routine even if it was weekend, some days of work, and when I usually give myself time to sleep in a little bit longer. I woke up at 4.30 without the alarm clock, feeling so energetic, listening to the birds singing and just enjoying the moment. And this has never happened before. I am one of those people who is “not a morning person” 🙂 Think you now them to, the “non morning persons”, maybe you are even that person yourself? Or think you are that person to. Because you are not. You can too change this, if you set your mind to it.

My morning routine looks like this:

  • 5.00 – 5.20: 20 minutes of Yoga exercise of choice (usually vinyasa or poweryoga)
  • 5.20 – 5.40: 20 minutes of Reflection and Mindfulness, writing my journal, thinking about my dreams and goals, what went well the day before and what my focus will be during the day to come
  • 5.40 – 6.00: 20 minutes of Learning, listening to one of my favourite podcasts, an audio book or a session from Robin Sharma. Anything that makes me grow and develop my personal skills.

It is hard but it is really starting to give me some results now! So I encourage you, whatever you want to be brave about, if it is changing a habit or facing some of your fears. Do it! Challenge yourself and push your limits – a little or a lot, you decide. Remember, you will only regret the things that you dream about but never gets done. Live your dreams. Be brave and change a habit.

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

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Positive yogawoman with an ambition to inspire head, heart and soul in my blog, by sharing my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Hope to be of help. Namaste.

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