How to find strength in life

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How do you find strength in life? And what do you put in the word strength or to be strong? To be strong is of course not only about the strength in your body, your muscles, but to be strong in mind, to have a “strong head”.

To have the strength to choose what to think, and not to let the bad or negative thoughts to be the voice inside your head. When you are strong you take control of your thoughts, you boost yourself with positive thinking, meaning that you think and believe that you are strong, both mentally and physically! Meaning that you believe in yourself. Believe that you can DO whatever you want. That you can BE whatever you want. With this mindset you will achieve more in life, in your personal development and it will help you to be a positive thinker.

So how do you find this strength in life? The perfect way to do this is by mindful meditation, start your yoga morning with a few minutes in silence and listen to your inner voice. What is it saying to you, about you? And do you listen to it? If you have a voice that is critical (like most of us have..) you need to stop to listen to that voice, and start telling yourself good things instead. It can help to set an intention or say an affirmation. An affirmation exercise can be to say an sentence that starts: I AM… For instance, I am… a priority in my life. My health and healing matter.

With this mental strength it will also be a lot easier to build body strength, it will help you to really get things done, like exercising on a regular, daily basis. Because as we all know. it takes some will power sometimes to make also this happen. It is not every day that you jump out of bed full of energy. 🙂 But those days are also the days when you need the mental strength the most. With this mental strength you will also increase the possibility of reaching your goals in life. NB: If you have not yet set targets for yourself, you can read more about this in other blog posts, or write me a comment below and I will guide you through it.

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

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Positive yogawoman with an ambition to inspire head, heart and soul in my blog, by sharing my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Hope to be of help. Namaste.

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