Show the way

How do you show the way, and lead others? Train others, support others and learn others what you know? It could be your kids, your team or your friends. Or your yoga students. How do you explain something to others to educate them in what you know and want to share? If you have tried this, you know it is not always easy 🙂 You can say one thing, and the “trainee” will do something else. If you have kids, I guess you have experienced telling him or her to do something, trying to show the way as a parent, just to find out that they are doing the total opposite?! (This is of course part of the process of being a parent and for the kid to try out some things for themselves, getting independent and all that, but just to give an example). The point is that teaching others and showing the way is not only about what you communicate, but how you communicate your knowledge, what you say and how you say it. And adapt the way you guide others to the person you are talking to. If you do not adapt the message to the receiver, you will not succeed. There is an expression in Swedish saying “speak to farmers on a farmers language” meaning you need to adapt your way of communication to the person you have in front of you. Or group of people, a team, or a class.

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If you have a manager role you also know the challenges of showing the way. Not only deciding and knowing what way to go (set the strategy and targets for your team, department or your company, depending on your role), and go that way yourself, but also you need to communicate so that you will get your co-workers to understand, and to follow. How do you do this in the best way? How can you be the great leader you want to be, and show the way to obtain great results, and also, to have some fun along the way? (Do not forget to have some fun, then the likelihood of you succeeding will increase a LOT).

I think an interesting aspect of showing the way is to use the thinking of yoga teaching in your managerial role. How? If you should guide a person through a session you need to tell them what to do, by explaining and guiding, step by step. You start with setting an intention of the class (the business target), and before going into a new posture, you explain why you are doing a posture (to warm-up, to stretch, to be more flexible etc, compared to explaining why the business target is important to your business), and last, you explain in detail HOW to do the posture. (Stand with both feet hip-width apart, press navel to spine, etc compared to how you will reach your business targets. Then we need to do this, this and that.) You need to make the group understand not only what you mean, but why it is important, and to make them want to follow your lead, right? And make them feel comfortable and trusting you to guide them as their leader. It is the same with your role as a manager. You need to explain to everyone what direction you should take, and explain it in a way so that the team understands and can follow easily. Your success depends on your capability to show the way, to build trust, and to adapt. By being aware, and taking these small but very important steps along the way, I am sure you will be a great leader, in your personal as well as in your business life. Try it!

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

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