When the going gets tough

Sometimes I have to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you will never grow.


You know that feeling when something challenging or uncomfortable happens and you ask yourself – WHY? Why this, why now, why me!? Then you can be quite sure that there is something else in the plan for you, something better, and you just need a little push to get there.

I do not know if you believe in this, but so many times it has proven to be just like this. At least that is my personal experience. When you do not get that something that you wanted, if it is a promotion, a new job you think you really wanted or needed, or if you are planning for a family, marriage, kids or whatever, and it does not work out as you wish. What happens is that then you get pushed into finding new ways instead, maybe make some adjustments in your personal plans and then you are on track again.

Or when you do get the opportunity to try something new and unknown, and it feels SO scary! Your head might be screaming NO, but your heart and inner voice says YES, this is what you need and really want to do. And when you dare take the leap and jump, you go for it, you take the opportunity, because you feel it is the right thing to do. And you end up getting rewarded tenfolds, by personal growth, increased self confidence and a lot of other positives. That feeling!

Photo Cred today Marek Piwnicki

So next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, remember that there is something else, something better, out there waiting for you and that you will grow as a person by getting this experience. So try to hang in there even if it is tough at the moment. It will be very exciting to see what future will bring for you.

As always. Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

Published by Beayogawoman

Positive yogawoman with an ambition to inspire head, heart and soul in my blog, by sharing my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Hope to be of help. Namaste.

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