To Be Present

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As I wrote in the last post The Power of Now it takes practise to be in the present. Here and now. All this talk about meditation and mindfulness in everyday life, and how important this is. When reading Tolle it is staring to get more clear to me, exactly why it is so hard, and also, how to be more present.

With all of these things around us, seeking our attention, in social media, all series on Netflix or HBO, all the activities you want to attend, often because of the fear of missing out.. and that thing called mobile phone.. how much attention we give to our devices. It is crazy when you think about the shift of behaviour since these devices entered our world. But, I like it as much as everyone else, so.. you just need to be aware, and try to have a healthy approach, and someimes, take some time off from it. You really need it. Me too.

So, how do you stay present then? Well, according to Tolle you should try to focus more on your body and your emotions, instead of your mind and thoughts. As soon as you let go of your thoughts you are more present. And this is why meditation is so helpful, to get in a state of presence. To sit in stillness and silence, just feeling your body, notice the energy inside your body, without trying to understand or to think. Do not let your mind wander. Just feel. This will take some practice for sure, but by understanding that your body and mind are two different things, you are definitely on your way to a more present life.

I have not finished the book yet so will for sure get back with a last posting on this topic of presence and spiritual enlightenment that I find very fascinating. Hope you do to. If you like this topic, have any questions regarding this, then please drop me a comment below.

Thank you and wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

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