Your inner voice

I was talking to my youngest son the other day and he was saying something about himself in a very negative way. I asked him why. He said “because it is like that, I am no good”. Ok, I said, but even if what you just said was true (which it wasn’t), would you have said the same to a friend of yours? Silence. “Probably not”, he answered after a while.

Why is it that we often speak more kindly to other people? We give them compliments, see their strengths and their positive sides? When our inner voice instead is often very critical and points out all the ‘wrongs’ with what we do, say, how we look, etc etc. If that voice would have been coming from a friend of ours, it would not be your friend for long, is my guess? At least it would not have been in my case.

Listen to your inner voice and make it your friend. If it is not OK for anyone else to tell you that you are no good, talk negative to you or about you, why should you let your inner voice do so?

Can you relate? Would be nice to hear your thoughts. How do you tackle your inner voice? Do you have any tricks on how to make it your friend? If so, feel free to share.

Wish you the best. Take care. Namaste.

Published by Beayogawoman

Positive yogawoman with an ambition to inspire head, heart and soul in my blog, by sharing my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Hope to be of help. Namaste.

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