About Beayogawoman

What is the blog Beayogawoman about?

This blog is focusing on personal development and personal leadership, in combination with yoga and mindfulness. To help increase the self-awareness, to help reflect on daily thoughts and actions, and to become aware of how this impacts every experience and also the possibility to achieve different goals in life. And to help to get on the mat every day, taking the time for reflection and exercise, to stay strong and healthy.

Why the name Beayogawoman?

The combination of the inner work on thoughts and mindset (and how this affects your behaviour and actions) together with a daily yoga exercise has to me become a great way to live my life. I call this to be a yoga woman (or man). This is the reason for the name of my blog – Beayogawoman. To remind me to strive for this, everyday, everywhere, whatever I experience, whatever people or challenges I meet in life.

Who am I?

I am a woman living in the south of Sweden, with my family, husband and two kids. I work as a manager and have been developing individual team members and teams for many years. And, as many others, a few years ago I ended up running in a wheel that was spinning faster and faster, feeling that I needed to find a way to hit the pause button, not to get burned out. That is when I first started doing yoga and actually, it was not a love at first sight. It was only after some time that I started to feel a difference in my body and also my mind. I started to feel more calm, relaxed, and also I noticed that my body was getting stronger even if I had stopped going to the gym, only taking yoga sessions. This is also when I started to really work with my mindset, thinking about my why, my purpose in life. Why I did different things, why I was pushing myself so hard, and what was really the most important in life to me. Today, I am so much stronger, both mentally and physically, and I know what to do to feel good.

Why did I start this blog?

I started this blog because I have a big interest in developing myself, and a wish to share, to help developing and levering others by writing about my thoughts and experiences, my insights and my learnings. I blog about topics and questions that hopefully will make you think twice, or at least remind you of things. My wish is to inspire others to get the same benefits of being a yoga woman or man as I am experiencing, on and off the mat.

Come join me!

If you want to be inspired, to get regular topics to think about, tip on how and where to learn new things, to grow, to take good care of yourself and to FEEL GOOD – in head, heart and soul – then you are more than welcome to join me and follow my blog! You can subscribe below to get regular updates and you can also find me on social media, Instagram and Facebook.

I do wish you the best. Take care. Namaste.

Positive yoga woman with an ambition to inspire your head, heart and soul.

Hope to be of help. Namaste.

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