Sunday Sharing: Making Space Within You

This article I found helpful to use as a meditation practice, to clear your mind from thoughts that does not serve you. Hope you will enjoy it as well. Happy reading.

During my training as a well-being counsellor, I became aware of a very powerful exercise called “Making Space Within You”. I would like to share it …

Making Space Within You

Follow your dreams

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right


Following your dreams is deciding you can. And then start making plans on how to reach them. When you will reach your dreams. Think about and visualise how you feel when you have reached your dream. Where are you? What emotions do you feel? Is there anyone else beside you or are you alone? What place are you in? How does it smell? Everything that will help visualise you in that moment of reaching your goal. Living your dream. The more detailed and concrete you can allow yourself to be in the visualisation exercise, the better.

Your thoughts and mind is a powerful tool, and they will help you on your journey of following your dreams. Listen only to the positive voice saying I can do this! I know it is hard, but try to silence everything else.

When there are setbacks (and, yes there probably will be some along the way, happens to all of us) just notice them and reflect on why they are happening. Probably it is because then you are on the wrong track! And to get you on track again, you will be directed, in one way or another. So even a minor setback will help you, guide you, on your journey of life, and on your way to become what you want and were meant to be and do in life.

And in the end, you will be experiencing what you have visualised when starting this inner work, the moment you decided, YES I CAN!

Wish you the very best. Take Care. Namaste.

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It is OK not to be OK

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In this world of perfection, you need to hear it sometimes. It is ok not to be ok. This is how you will develop as a person and a human being. So keep this in mind when you do not feel like you are in your best mood. Or when things do not go like planned. This is your fast forward to learning!

When we meet someone on the street that we know, the question always comes- How are you? A spontaneous question, expecting a similar spontaneous response – Fine. But could you actually say – thanks for asking but no, I am not ok.. most of us have not tried this because we do not want to break that pattern of the easy going conversation, right? Even if it would be ok not to be ok, we do not dare or do not want to spill it out to someone we “hardly” now. Or?

Think about it the next time you get that question – How are you? And take the opportunity to notice how you really feel before you answer. And chose the honest answer instead of the expected one.

Because, it is OK not to be OK. And when you start being honest to yourself and others, things will start to happen.

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

Sunday Sharing: 9 Different Yoga Styles Explained

When you start to practise yoga, soon you will find out that there are so many different styles of yoga. Which one do you like? Is it the flowing and more energetic Vinyasa yoga, or the more calm and static YinYoga? Or maybe something in between, like the Hatha Yoga or Akhanda Yoga? The positive thing is.. there is a yoga style for each one of you. If you want to explore more, I found and interesting article where you can read more about this in the post below. Enjoy. Happy Sunday. Namaste.

There are several unique styles of yoga that exist and they can be quite different from each other. While starting out, it might seem like “yoga” is …

9 Different Yoga Styles Explained

Sunday Sharing: How to Create A Om-azing Home Yoga Space

During COVID there is a lot of people, like me, who has continued their yoga practice at home instead of going to the yoga studio.

In today’s Sunday Sharing article, I found some tips on how to arrange the yoga space at home, to make it as relaxing and joyful as possible. Even if you have a small space, also like me, you can put some yoga props by your side. Maybe you have some cristals or other elements that reminds you of the important things in life. Things that will enhance your yoga experience in your yoga space at home.

Hope to give you some tip in this article below.

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

This blog offers tips for setting up a tranquil, safe yoga space at home. I designed my yoga studio which is attached to my house. I hope these tips …

How to Create A Om-azing Home Yoga Space

Focus on what you want in life

Focus on what you want in life, and you will get it. Put all your energy on the things you believe in and wish for, all in a positive way, and see what happens.

This is the essence of the law of attraction that you might or might not have heard of before. It says that you attract what you think about, and that your mind and thoughts determine how your life turns out.

This is a really interesting approach (or tool if you want) on how to work on your personal leadership and how you grow as a person. By being mindful with your thoughts you determine the outcome of all aspects in your life according to this law of attraction. You attract what you think about! So you can use this to make something positive of it.

To get very clear with your goal, you can use visualisation as a tool. Think about what you want every day, as if it has already happened. Feel it. Draw it, make a board with pictures of your personal goals and then look at it every day. Visualise what you want to be and do in life. Dream Big! And see what happens. You have nothing to loose by trying, right? 🙂

As always, wish you the best. Take care. Namaste 🙏

What do you visualise and attract in to your life?

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Be there

Do you have family or a friend that needs you to be there? Because they are feeling low, down, maybe they are sick in some way or just need a hand. Most of us do. So. How do you behave when they need you but do not accept or want your help or support? To be there when needed, that is really important but some of the hardest things you can do. And do it right.

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I think the most important thing is, as always, to listen in. Listen to the needs of the other person. What they say, but also what they do not say. Listen in as often as possible (without being too much). A balance act that too.

In my opinion it can almost not be too much if a person is in need, not feeling well or is sad, or sick. Make a short check with them now and then, but at least once a day. Ask, and listen. Or just be there, sitting together in silence or hugging them. Sometimes words are not needed, but be very clear and tell them you care and that YOU ARE THERE whenever needed. Things will be ok and you are stronger together.

Wish you the best. Take care. Namaste 🙏

Sunday Sharing: Importance of yoga in our daily life

Today I start a new theme – the Sunday Sharing. Once a week you will find postings from other sites and bloggers that I find interesting and want to share with you. My Sunday Sharing.

The first post I want to share with you is a post about the importance of yoga in our daily life. Getting that everyday routine will help you start the day in the best way and set you up for handling anything that comes in your way during the day. You can read more about this in the article below.

Yoga is the most favourable method to connect to the nature by balancing the mind-body connection. It is a type of exercise which performed through …

Importance of yoga in our daily life

Life is like a Vinyasa

When studying yoga you realise that life is actually like a vinyasa. Full of transition and change, from beginning to the end of life. A constant process, a flow, of things coming and going.

To be willing to take part of life, breath by breath, moment by moment, is to be brave. We all know it has it’s ups and downs. Some parts (and some poses) you want to stay in for long, and other’s you want to get out of. Fast.

And how you end things, a pose, a situation, a job or a class, lingers on into the next thing. Each thought, action or movement. Like a vinyasa. Know also when to finish something and move on. Do not stay too ong, because holding on to something old, means you are not leaving room for something new to enter.

Watch how you move (or transition) in and out of things and be mindful. Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

Be you

What does that mean? Being you? Have you ever been thinking about how you would describe being you? The authentic and true you, where you do not transform into something else or adjust to what others think you should be.

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What do you believe in, what are your inner dreams? Do you have some behaviours, words, sayings or other traits that is characteristic for being you? Things that you do when being a leader or a colleague, a family member, a mother or father, a sister or brother, a friend. And things that you think is vital for being you, in these different roles.

It can be challenging to try to find what is unique in you, what trait and personality and specifics that only you possess. That does not exist within anyone else in the world. It is your unique expression, your own, personal DNA.

You can always listen in and reflect on your own behaviour. For instance, documenting in a journal on a day-to-day basis, to see the patterns. It is also helpful to ask someone who knows you well, what they see. Then keep in mind that this is a very sensitive question. So be mindful when asking and receiving this kind of insights.

In yoga, this is one of the five Yamas, called Satya, or truthfulness. Being true to yourself and to others. Truthfulness is also very linked to the first Yama, Ahimsa, or non-violence. To remind you that to be true and speak your truth should not involve harming others in any way.

Finding out about the ‘true you’ will give you a lot of understanding about yourself and this will help to guide your way forward. It will give your mind more peace and you will grow as a person.

Wish you the best of luck. Take care. Namaste.

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