Be mindful and respectful

To be caring about the people around you and showing respect is looking at another person, saying hello when passing, listening while others talk and answering in a mindful way. This behaviour will strengthen you as a person and a leader (if you have that role) and you will also be treated with respect from others.

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It can sound as a given, there is no need to say this, but too many people do not reflect on the way they behave when meeting and communicating with others.

Actually, being in an respectful environment is proven to increase the performance of a team, a company or strengthen the relationships of a family or group of friends. When you are seen and treated with respect you automatically perform better, your energy level increase, and you will take the extra miles for your company or loved ones. So be mindful and treat other with respect and you will help in making others feel better and you will improve your own personal character as a step in your personal development. Step by step.

It is like your garden. Give your flowers and plants lots of love and respect (water and nutrition) and they will bloom and turn out to the most beautiful creations. It is the same with people. Handle with care and you will have a beautiful team, family and friends surrounding you.

Wish you the best. Take care. Namaste.

Use it or loose it

Use your body or loose your strength and flexibility
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Yoga is helping to strengthen your body and be more flexible when you practise regularly. Your body is meant to be in motion. A lot. Motion is lotion. And in today’s society often we are sitting still a lot of our waking hours. Maybe with a job sitting behind a desk with a computer all day. What happens when not moving is that your body gets used to this. And you will eventually loose your strength and your flexibility.

By doing yoga everyday you tell your body this is the normal. To use your body, to stretch and bend, to do static or dynamic poses to build your core, to build your muscles in arms and legs, the whole body. And the best of all, you also strengthen your mind.

In brief. Use your body or you will loose your flexibility and strength. Take care of your body and it will reward you with lasting longer.

Wish you the best. Take care. Namaste.

Having a bad day is ok

Having a bad day is OK. And after rain comes sunshine, always.
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Yes, you know it already, you should always try to think positive no matter what happens or what challenge gets in your way. But sometimes – it IS ok to have a bad day! As long as you do not allow yourself to stay in that mood too long. But it is normal that some days just are not that fantastic, or, you feel that they are not as fantastic 🙂 Allow yourself to get angry, to feel frustrated or sad, it is well needed at times. But as you know, after rain comes… sunshine. And your personal responsibility is to not let it be more than just A bad day, never several. Get out of the negative feeling or frustration as fast as you can, and try to change your focus. Maybe you talk to a friend or loved one that you know will make you feel good, or you go for a run to clear your mind, or, yes, do a longer yoga session with meditation. Mindful meditation and/ or running is usually what gets me on the right track again, sometimes also with the help of talking to a person I have trust in, that can help get perspective on things. Find what suits you best.

I wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

Be in the right place in life

Do you believe that you are in the right place in life, with the right surroundings, the right friends, girlfriend, husband, wife for you, that you have already the best life and living, wherever that is? That you are in the exact right place for your personal development, that your job or your school, your situation in general, is like it is because IT IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU RIGHT NOW.

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By embracing that it actually is, you can for instance start thinking about why you have a certain friend, what is the purpose, the gift, the learning that friend is supposed to give you? Why did he or she enter your life, why did the two of you meet? And if you are at a job and you struggle, what is the lesson you can learn from it? Could it be because you should realize something, maybe move on with your life? Or you are exactly where you should be, in your career for instance, and just need to keep improving what you do now? Keep growing, for instance by reading books in that area, learning new things on the job, building on the relations with your colleagues, maybe teaching others what you already know?

It is a really interesting thought – I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Embrace it. Try it and see if you end up looking at things, situations and people differently. I believe everyone and everything is the way is the way it is to be able to teach you something. So have an open mind and see if the world around you changes in any way, by you looking at it differently.

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

Being helpful is the key to success

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By having a mindset and think “how can I help” will for sure transform your life and you will find your way to success. I am so happy that I have discovered this key to success and a bit surprised that it is so easy. By not thinking about what YOU want to achive, but changing to focus on others, their wellbeing and their needs, you will get the answers you need on how to act and behave in both your personal and professional life.

I am so happy that I have now succesfully done the 66 day challenge with Robin Sharma! (yeay :-)) It has given me so much to get up early and setting my new morning routine, to build a stronger and more healthy body with everyday yoga, that I started in the beginning of this year and is now a habit I will never change. And also, by listening to Robins different sessions, where he is being very generous and sharing helpful and valuable tip (the same as in the books I have recommended – see Inspirational tips) on how to change your life to an even better version by taking small steps every day in the right direction And really, life is too short not to, isn’t it.

This morning I practiced Yoga with Adrienes latest class “Rose Yoga” to open the heart with a vinyasa flow. This was a very suitable class for me today, since being helpful is all about opening your heart. I did the class setting an intention to send loving thoughts, help and strength to a friend who is having a tough time. Life throws you challenges all the time and I chose to believe that we do not get more challenges than we can handle, and the stronger you are the more challenging life can be sometimes it seems.

Remember to always be helpful whenever a family member or a friend needs you in challenging time. Be there for them. Give a helping hand whenever someone needs it. Even if they do not ask for it. Ask yourself “How can I help?”. Next time it will be you who needs help, and by being helpful yourself you will have people around you that you can count on when you need it. So be helpful, it will bring you success into your life.

I wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

Be successful and live your dreamlife

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I believe everyone wants to be successful in one way or another. If you want to be successful at being a great parent, a succesful leader or just living a happy life – that is the essence of being successful to me – whatever it is, you can do it!

If you want to be and feel successful but are not really there today, I would start by writing down how your life would be when you are living a successful life? And maybe you find out that you are closer than you think already. We do have a lot of things in our life that we may take for granted, so it is also a good way of checking in with yourself, making a current situation analysis.

When you have your picture of where you want to go, you can start making small everyday changes, focusing on getting to your most successful life. According to you, and that is what matters. By being aware of what you want, it will be easier to take the right everyday choices, that will get you to where you want to be in life. Picturing your ideal, succesful dreamlife and start making your way to get there! Step by step. I am sure you will succeed if you make this effort.

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

Day 62 – starting with my success hour

Yes I am still running the 66 day challenge 🙂 And I am so happy with the results so far. It is more than I could ever imagine that has happened the last months. Not only by getting up early, but also by changing my mindset. You know, if you have read or listened to some of Robin Sharma’s materials, he is also talking about mindset, heartset and soulset.

When you start to dedicate your mornings to exercise, reflecting on the day before, deciding what to focus on during the day, and read something you are interested in, to develop as a person, something happens within you. Suddenly you can see patterns in your behaviour and start to make changes (if needed). It does not have to be big changes. Remember, a little goes a long way.

If you have not already, try the 66 day challenge and start getting up at 5 AM to focus on yourself for one hour. Set an intention for the day, plan the day, think happy thoughts and meet the world with new eyes. You will see that positive things will start to happen.

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

Be and feel great

Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.


To be great and feel great is to be true to yourself. Finding your values, your passion in life and start living according to this. Do not try to change others, (chances are very small you will succeed anyway :-)) but change yourself.

When you find your values and practice them consistently, and follow your heart as well as your head you will see amazing things happen! When you feel great you will BE great. But you need to do this long-term, and have the self-discipline to get the results.

I wish you all the best. Be Great.

Take Care. Namaste.

Why do you do yoga?

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I was on a yoga session this morning and the trainer was talking about looking into the mirror or not when doing the yoga poses. What is the most important to you? That you look good in the different poses or that your body and mind feels good? When you let go of the way you believe yoga should look like and start to focus on the breath instead, you let your body guide your brain, not the other way around. So when you stop looking into the mirror and start focusing on what your body tells you is right, things will happen. When you let go of trying to do the “perfect” yoga poses and relax, you will more easily find the flow and it will actually help you improve your poses when not trying that hard! Let your heart and soul show the way, not your head.

I do yoga for me. To feel good, not to do advanced poses, trying to force my body into poses that I know only gymnasts can do :-). This is not for me. I am a regular person with limits in my body, in how far I can stretch and how flexible I am, and I try to accept this. Then of course when feeling you have improved and can go a LITTLE bit deeper into some pose, or stretch a little bit further, you know that yoga is contributing to strengthen the body and helps to take care of oneself.

Why do you do yoga? Give it some thought. If you realize the answer is that you, unconsciously or not, maybe have been pushing yourself a bit to far, striving to do too advanced poses but your body is not following? Next time, try to let go of the “perfect” pose and just follow your breath. Do not look into the mirror but do yoga for yourself! We all have different bodies and different conditions, either way, we can all do yoga, in our own way.

Wish you the very best. Take care. Namaste.

Being Authentic

Be yourself – everyone else is already taken

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To be authentic is to be true to yourself and to be a leader in your life. Be true to your values and do what you feel is right and what you believe in. Be comfortable with yourself and realize that you can do whatever you want! When you decide not to be a victim anymore but to take control of your life. Then you are being authentic, being yourself. And as Oscar Wilde said, everyone else is already taken 🙂

When you know your values and your purpose in life it will be much easier to be true to yourself. So if you have not already, do the exercise that I have been talking about in previous blog posts, find out what your passion is, your why, and your authenticity will come naturally.

Wish you the best. Take Care. Namaste.

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