Are you living your values?

Find and live your personal values in life, to know where to sail your boat.
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Now I am on day 34 in testing the 5 AM club with Robin Sharma, and it is still a bit of a struggle to get out of bed, but it is worth it. Getting up early really gives me the time to think and reflect on different topics that I never had the time or energy to do before.

This morning I was thinking about my personal values. I have made an exercise before where I took the time to pick 4 words that represent my “value cross” (you draw this like a cross and put the 4 words in the end of the lines). You can start by making a longer list, then you narrow it down to the 4 that you really feel that you is representing what is important to you. Then you can rate these 4 words on a scale from 1-10, that says how happy you are today with the way you live these values (1 = not at all, 5= OK, 10 = very happy). Today I was doing the rating again, to see if I have been improving living by my values. When doing this exercise, I found out that I will probably have to change one of the words. And this can happen. If you do feel after a while that some of the words is not the right for you anymore, of course you can change and keep finetuning where needed.

This exercise will tell you if you are living according to your inner personal values or not. And if you do, you will have a much better chance of keeping your focus on your personal targets in life! And you will know where to sail your boat, not just drifting by. Wish you the best of luck with this exercise if you choose to try it. Take care. Namaste.

What is your purpose?

Have you ever thought about it? Your purpose in life, what you are meant to be, your life’s calling? I think it is more common to talk about the purpose of a brand or the purpose of a company. To talk about your personal purpose can feel a bit overwhelming, yet it is a very interesting question. And for some of us, very hard to answer. We go along in life following the waves and see where we end up, with no plans or goals. Life just happens. So there is a big possibility here! What if you give this question some thought in the coming days, and try to find the answer? In this process it can help if you have started to write a journal (more about this in previous blog post), where you can try to find some answers or leads to what makes your heart beat a little faster, what is your passion?

Once you have defined your purpose in life you can start to think about if you are living accordingly or if you want to make any adjustments? Big or small ones. When you know your purpose you can also set some goals, you can make plans that will help you live according to your purpose and by doing this, you will also increase your personal development. Wish you the best of luck with this exercise. Take care. Namaste.

Source of inspiration

Photo by Amy Chandra

I recommend you to read or listen to the book more than once, to really catch the messages in there. This could be the book that makes you think a bit different, help you develop personally, both mentally and physically.

Wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy the reading. Take care. Namaste.

Link to the Source of Inspiration page:

Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. The best way to start your morning ritual.

When I go to my mat exercising yoga something is happening to me. I loose the sence of time and it feels like I can go on forever and ever. I get the time to myself, to listen in to my body, to stretch, to strengthen, to recharge. Taking the time to be aware about my inhale and exhale. It gives me a wonderful feeling of joy and piece of mind that I bring with me into the rest of the day, off the mat.

And as said before, starting the day with morning yoga, (as the first 20 minutes exercise part in your success hour, if you follow the 5 AM club), you have a great start and good conditions to make this a fantastic day. Then you continue with your next 20 minutes session, write in your journal, about the good things that happened yesterday, and what things you will focus on and succeed with today. Planning for your day, maybe write your gratitude list for the day, any other thoughts and feelings, maybe there is something you need to let go of, and this is a good way to work this through if so. Set an intention for the day.

I think this is really a good way to start the day that I do strongly recommend. And I do wish for you as well to find out what morning routine suits you best. Try and you will find the answer. Inhale. Exhale. Take care. Namaste.

Recover and recharge

It is so important to take the time to recover and recharge, we all know this already, right? But then again, it is not that easy to do, when life is moving on in a very fast pace, and you still need to take care of your family, your house, your job, your activities, your hobbies and other things you might have in your life. I think the Covid19 has helped us to push the paus button. And for many people it has been a real struggle, being forced to stop, to not travel anymore, to not meet with family and friends, to not go outside at all sometimes during lockdown, to not go to the gym, to not be able to live your life as you were used to, in so many ways. I am trying to think of this Covid situation as a help for many people to actually recover and recharge. By being more outside in nature, not having your schedule fully booked always, maybe saving time when not having to travel to work or on business trips, many of us now have a lot of sparetime at home. Being able to be with the familly more, being able to think, reflect on what you want to do when all of this is over. So try to see this as an opportunity to make a plan for your life once we go back to the “new normal”. After rain comes the sun. Take Care. Namaste.

Do you celebrate?

Do you remember to celebrate also the small things in life? I think it is really important to not only celebrate the “big” things like your birthdays or graduations and other events that you usually celebrate. But to see and celebrate the little things. Perhaps you set a goal that is, I will do yoga everyday for a month, or I will read a book about a topic I want to develop in, or I will get out of bed at 5 AM for 66 days in a row (for starters). Also, with these smaller goals, you can have mid goals. So, now I have been getting out of bed before the sun for 25 DAYS, so I have achieved more than the first part in the 66 days challenge (22/22/22). And I feel really proud of myself having achieved this, as a person who does NOT like to get up early otherwise. So, tomorrow I will celebrate, by having a massage and giving myself a small gift (have not decided yet what I wish from myself :-)) I encourage you too to take the opportunity and celebrate also the small things in life. I promise it will feel good and is and act of kindness to yourself. Of course, you can also celebrate the small things you achieve together with your family, your collegues or friends. Go on and try it! Namaste.

To celebrate also the small things in life

Everyday yoga – how to make it happen

Doing yoga everyday is really a lifechanger and I strongly recommend it. Since yoga can help you not only to get a stronger body, yoga can also help you to wind down and strengthen your mental health. And by getting on the mat every day (ideally the first thing you do in the morning!), you give yourself the time to reflect, to set an intention for the day and by doing this, you get in the right mood and bring that positive energy and feeling into the rest of your day. It does not have to be a long yoga session, if you feel like you do not have the time. If some days, you only have time for a 10-15 minutes yoga session, that is ok! And some days, you will have the time and energy to do a full hour or longer yoga session, then maybe you do a full body workout with power yoga or vinyasa yoga, in a more challenging yoga session.The important thing is that you make this happen, everyday. Wish you the best of luck with this. Take care of yourself and others. Namaste.

Everyday yoga and how to make it happen
Original photo by Prasanth Inturi

The positive effects of getting up early

It is really amazing the things that I experience when getting up early, and I want to share my experiences with you:

  • Waking to the birds singing. Instead of the alarm clock.. I am really surprised that my body is already adjusting, and waking up even before the alarm. I hear the birds on our roof singing and I have no troubles with getting up since I know this is going to be a perfect start of the day.
  • Getting ahead every day. When starting at 5, I have the time to exercise, to reflect and listen to something I want to learn. I have the time to eat breakfast in piece and quite, and when my youngest kid get up (he always gets up first), we have the time to talk about what we will do today, discuss the big or small things in life. Love these moments.
  • Feeling stronger mentally. The fact that I now have the time to prepare and plan properly for the day to come gives me a mental strength. I love the feeling of being in control and have already experienced some positive results by being prepared and focused.
  • Feeling stronger physically. By doing yoga every morning I can feel a shift in my body, with more muscles, more flexibility, more strength. It is a fantastic feeling when you notice that you have improved, when you reach a bit further in your positions and when you can sit in stillness and meditate without having too much of a struggle with your thoughts to achieve this.

If you have not already, go on and try it. I will share with you soon a review of some books related to this topic, so stay tuned. Namaste.

Photo by Adrianna Calvo pu00e5

How to make a change

I think you have heard this before. If you want to see things change, if you are not happy with a relationship, your situation in life, or something else, you need to start with yourself. And I think that you also know, it is easier said than done. But you can start by doing some small things and see what happens. For instance, decide that you will always meet another person with a positive attitude. Even if the other person is being angry, he/she is offensive, feeling negative, you decide NOT to go into that same feeling. Do NOT get angry and yell back, do NOT go into the same negative feelings. Instead – listen, and meet the other person with a positive (or neutral) attitude. Even if he/she says something you do not agree on, confirm what they say, that you hear and understand, instead of starting an argument or fight trying to convince them that they are wrong. Even if the thing they say is about you. This is hard, but it will give you a totally different situation than if you contribute to the negativity. I have tried this, and the result most of the times is that we go from that situation with a positive feeling, instead of a feeling of fighting. Giving energy instead of taking energy. And you will feel really good if/when you succeed. Also, the other person might get out of their starting mood, thanks to you! And maybe, you are contributing to grow a positive feeling instead. Be the light in their life. Why not try it? Be the change that you want to see in the world. Take care. Namaste.

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Be the change you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi / ROBIN SHARMA

Doing Morning Yoga

Today it is day 22 of my 5AM Club journey. That is, the first, most difficult part according to Robin, is over. After 66 days you have started a new habit, split in first 22 days of struggling, 22 days of confusion, and then 22 days of happiness. I still get out of bed without too much struggling and this weekend I did not even set the alarm, but still woke up early (a bit later than 5 though), feeling very energetic. Starting my day off with Morning Yoga is the best. Today I followed a 25 min Morning Yoga session from Yoga with Adrienne, one of my favourites. Starting the morning with yoga really gives me what I need to get a good start of the day – I land on my mat, I set an intention for the day, stretch out my body, I build strength, both physically and mentally. When I give myself time on the mat to reflect, to slow down, focus, I really become stronger also in my mind, being better at handling different challenges and situations during the day. It gives me confidence and the feeling of being in control. Also, this is exactly what Robin Sharma is talking about in his 5AM Club, doing morning exercise gives you the best start of the day. I can only agree. Since the start of 2021 I started doing yoga on a daily basis instead of a few times a week, and doing yoga every morning is the best. Really worth a try. So if you haven’t already – give it a go! Take care. Namaste.

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