Source of Inspiration

On this page I collect all my favourite sources of inspiration. It includes books, podcasts, articles and other, that I find along the way, to share any insights. Hope this can be of help and inspiration to you.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari

This book by Robin Sharma I heard about for the first time many years ago. And to be honest, I did think it was crazy that the person telling me about the book was now getting up at 5 AM (!!). But believe me, once reading this book you might feel the same. You can read this book more than once. Maybe you start reading it as a novel, the second time you can deep dive into all the messages hidden in this treasure book. If you want to increase your personal development and personal leadership, this is the book to start with.

The 5 AM Club – own your morning, elevate your life

This book is another great book from Robin Sharma, that I now am reading for the second time. Like ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’, this book can be read and analysed more than once, you will discover new things in it every time. You get to follow two regular persons being guided by a mentor into the wisdom of getting up at 5 AM and the 20/20/20 formula. They are taught on how to increase their productivity and effectiveness by changing a few things – that is, you need to own your morning to elevate your life. The story is delivered with humor and filled with nsightful reflections and mind openers. A great guide if you want to work on your personal development.

Crystals – The modern guide to crystal healing

If you want to learn more about crystals the book “Crystals – the modern guide to crystal healing”. is a good start This book introduces you in a simple way to the world of crystals, and guides you through the most common crystals, how to use them and what their specific magic is. A world of crystals is a world of magic. Start to explore for yourself and find your favourite crystals.

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